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"We provide an overall new perspective of your mind and body to enable you to look, feel and act with more energy and clarity than before.  We make it our priority to extend your years of healthy living and enjoyment of life".


Dr. Gregory Pugen, M.D.

Medical Director,

Board Certified in Anti-aging Medicine & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM)





Dr. Pugen is a renowned medical doctor practicing anti-aging medicine for over 15 years.

We offer natural bio-identical hormone and nutrient medical alternative solutions for all your healthcare needs.  Services include, but are not limited to the following:  perimenopause & menopause symptom sign treatments, male menopause, andropause & erectile treatments, anti-aging hormone & medical treatments, intravenous vitamin therapy,  cosmetic laser skin treatments, resurfacing, full &  fractional, laser hair removal, fat removal, facial fillers, Cutera laser and Pollogen treatments.  Schedule an appointment today!

We also offer medical physician  services to treat a common respiratory illness  to the most aggressive cancer using innovative and effective methods.



As we age our hormones lessen, until in some instances we have very little at all.  Women suffer from menopausal symptoms of flushes, sweats, decreased libido, memory problems and mood swings.

 Men become tired, indecisive, gain central fat, breast tissue, exhibit mental slowdown, low libido and erection difficulties.  They perceive and think in an aging way; their metabolism changes and they slow down mentally/physically leaving them unable to do what they previously have.  As we age, with bio-identical hormone replacement treatments, we can feel and act much younger to extend our quality of life/health.

The addition of proper diet, regular exercise, lifestyle modification, laser rejuvenation, facial fillers, mesotherapy, and painless fat removal (non-invasive) can make you feel, look, work and act decades younger.  Our consultations and services can guide you to a new rejuvenated mental outlook on life.



Anti-Aging Therapy, requires the replacement of all hormones to the levels of a 30 to 40 yr old.  You will never be 35 again, but you can feel and act and think as you did then.  Once you are feeling better, you may decide to introduce laser treatments to minimize lines and facial fillers (such as, restylane or juvaderm) to improve areas of volume/tissue loss due to normal aging and lowered levels of hormones.


Replacement with bio-identical hormones BIOHRT) including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dhea and growth hormone enhance both mental and physical function. Supplements and neutraceuticals are added to this regimen.




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